The 2013 Jalopnik Film Festival Opening Night Panel and Kickoff Party…

The inaugural Jalopnik Film Fest got off to a fast start at the Classic Car Club Manhattan last night as guests were treated to an opening night panel of Kazunori 'Kaz' Yamauchi (CEO Polyphony Digital and creator of the Gran Turismo Series), Tamir Moscovici (Director of Urban Outlaw, and the upcoming Gran Turismo… » 9/19/13 3:27pm 9/19/13 3:27pm

That's a keen observation. Very few car makers are making interesting back ends these days. It's nice to see the entire design segment progression from the 80's flat-back, badge, trunk release and light clusters to something a bit more unique and diverse. I also wonder what it would cost to replace it all after a… » 9/13/13 10:52am 9/13/13 10:52am

Beauty and the Beast - 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL63 and 1960 Mercedes-Benz…

It was a no brainer. This spring when I learned that dear friends of mine were bringing their '60 Mercedes-Benz 300SL roadster to the very first Pinehurst, NC Concours d'Elegance held at Pinehurst Resort I decided it was time to call up Mercedes-Benz and see if I could pair up the classic 300SL roadster for a photo… » 9/04/13 2:23pm 9/04/13 2:23pm

Up close with a legend - 1968 Ferrari 330GTC

Ask any member of the general population to tell you something about classic Ferraris and you’ll probably get some combination of ‘Testarossa’, ‘Magnum PI’, and ‘that car from Ferris Bueller.’ Among auto-acedemics you’ll probably hear ‘250 GTO’, ‘F355’ and inevitably, ‘The Enzo’. These are all excellent and… » 8/13/13 9:59am 8/13/13 9:59am